About You

Our clients are outliers. They are athletes, entrepreneurs, and second-generation wealth. They are seeking advisors with a deep understanding of how to leverage uncertain and accelerated financial arcs. We serve these clients because we are these clients.

Who We Serve


Athletes look to us when they are:

  • Seeking more than just investment advice
  • Looking for an advisor that has walked in their shoes
  • Wanting to build a lifestyle that is sustainable after they are done playing
  • Fed up with their advisor being more concerned with sounding smart than educating them
  • Looking for a financial quarterback to execute the plays and integrate their team of professionals


Entrepreneurs look to us when they are:

  • Experiencing uneven cash flows
  • Facing increased complexity and doubt and fear are growing
  • Wanting to maximize two of the most valuable commodities, time and money
  • Skeptical of the financial services industry and believe most products and services provide little value
  • Seeking to connect their financial success with what is most imporant


Second Generation Wealth look to us when they are:
  • Looking to build a sustainable lifestyle
  • Tired of being overlooked in their current situation
  • Seeking proactive advice in all areas of their financial life
  • Unclear of the value that their financial team is providing
  • Unsure how their money and investments connect to the other areas of their lives