Investment Philosophy

Our investment portfolios are constructed using decades of data individually crafted to meet our client’s unique goals. Our investment committee, powered by Buckingham Strategic Partners, uses their robust resources and nationally recognized thought leaders to provide leading research and strategies. This committee combined with our boutique advisory service creates a truly unique investment process. The result is an open architecture investment solution centered around our clients.


Evidence Based

Client Specific

Portfolio construction that centers on you. Focusing on the intersection of the present and the history of markets.


Your Unique

Constructing an investment portfolio is as much art as it is science. At JL Strategic Wealth we believe that it starts with you. The art is uncovering what makes your journey uniquely yours. The science is using leading academic research to implement best in class investment strategies. This intersection is the foundation of our investment process.


Cost Matters

Leading academic research has shown that a primary driver of returns is cost. We break these costs into two categories. The direct cost of the investment strategy and the indirect cost of the structure. In the investment world, we refer to these as the expense ratio and the tax drag. We seek to gain an advantage through implementing low cost, tax efficient investments into portfolios.


Follow the Evidence

The foundation of our investment portfolios is rooted in Nobel prize winning research. We use this research to stack the odds in our favor. This is done through constructing broadly diversified portfolios and tilting towards asset classes that have shown to have a higher expected rate of return. Our focus is on building long term investment strategies that provide the highest odds of success.